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Mirror Marketing & Video Production: A Passion Project

I’m excited about my future with Mirror MVP and after you read this, you’ll know why. It mostly comes from a shared passion to create and help others.

For the past 15 years, I have been doing professional stand-up comedy part-time. “Professional” in the sense that I was booked multiple times a week for years and being paid to do it. I worked with celebrities from MTV, touring comedians, headlined 2 comedy festivals, and right before the pandemic I featured in Aloha Comedy Fest in Honolulu, HI. “Part-time” in the sense that I still worked my day job in the finance industry.

I approached several people about my passion project. I wanted to create a hilarious music video that told a silly story but also sounded and looked very professional. I talked to comedians, music producers, beat makers, film crews, but nothing felt right. Every one was so concerned with how much I’d pay them. I had the money saved to make the project happen, but no one seemed as excited as I was to make the vision a reality. I knew this was a great idea if executed properly. I can’t remember how it happened, but Phil Metzger and I decided to meet and talk about my the project.

Back in March 2018, we met at a pizza place and I spilled my guts about my dream. I came prepared. I already had an idea of the beat I wanted to use, I prerecorded a rough draft of the song, and I had pages of storyboards that I made myself. I could tell immediately that Phil was excited to work on this project. Smiling, laughing, and not even concerned about the money in our first conversation. He was just excited about the music video as I was. For the first time since I started looking for help, I could tell that I hit the jackpot.

Phil introduced me to his team. Adam, a music engineer to remaster and re-record the song, and Andrew, a videographer who had experience with music videos in the past. Both great guys that were equally excited and motivated. By June 2018, we created a song and music video that went above and beyond my wildest dreams. It is to this day the biggest accomplishment of my comedy career and I couldn’t have done it without Phil and the team. I have the official copyright to the song framed and proudly on display to this day.

Fast forward to July 2021, I was very excited when Phil asked if I would come on to work for him at Mirror Marketing & Video Production. Phil and I have kept in touch since we reconnected on the music video. We admire each other as friends and professionals. We know that our work ethic and drive is unmatched. We make a great team.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some clients already and it is very clear that Phil has continued to only work with other people the same way he worked with me. He’s naturally excited, motivated, and hard working to help other people accomplish their goals. Mirror MVP is assisting businesses in growth, financial gain, and reputation.

I can’t think of any other business I’d rather be involved in. I’m very thankful that I can now help others with their passion projects.

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