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On the journey to build lasting business success, effective marketing depends on digital content and multiple-channel integrations for growth, especially when aiming to expand your company’s brand recognition or vying for a position amongst the top businesses in your market.


We are your friendly digital marketing crew, and we have the knowledge, passion, ability, and experience to execute customized marketing plans that give small businesses a boost in the direction of their goals. 


Think of us as your digital navigators. We listen to you for insight and marketing processes that have worked in the past. We then research the newest information on your market, diagnose where your ideal customers spend time, and create and interweave valuable content that speaks directly to your client.


Just like each online platform or marketing opportunity, every small business has unique processes and rhythm. Our job is to create a digital marketing plan that syncs seamlessly with your business procedures and culture to produce results toward a stated goal. Effective marketing takes research, planning, testing, and systematizing to understand where your customers are waiting and the best way to approach them.


Take a look and let us know channels or systems you are interested in. We can’t wait to create, integrate, and execute an effective marketing system for your goals!

PS. After looking at our services, if you aren't sure where to start, check out our introductory services.

Updated portfolio and examples coming soon!

Website Design

Website Design

Transform your online presence with our website design for businesses, ensuring a high-functioning, professional design that speaks to your customer. Our services include everything from helping you acquire a domain to mobile-friendly versions with custom pages that showcase your best work. 

After discussing your goals, specific website design services are chosen and placed into custom-tailored packages for each client's needs and goals. For those looking to explore beyond basic website functionality, consider additional options, including monthly Google Analytics reporting, SEO research, Google Business profile management, and other services to give your website greater visibility to your ideal customer.

Want to upgrade to advanced graphics, motion graphics, or even delve into a brand redesign or refurbishment—all backed by reduced upfront hourly maintenance and support plans? We are ready to elevate your brand and explore marketing solutions for impact that drives business to your inbox. From small business website design to integrating custom digital marketing workflows, we look to create digital assets that work for you.

  • Technical Performance

    • Optimized Page speed

    • Professional Design & Funstionality

    Add-ons & Upgrades

    • Monthly Google Analytics performance reporting integration

    • Advanced graphics and motion graphics design and integration

    • Reduced upfront hourly maintenance and support plans

    • Course Creation

    • SEO research and keyword implementation

    • Google Business profile (Google search results) management 

    • Review management on industry related websites

    • Custom email setup

    • Social media, newsletter, blog, or custom content

    • Brand redesign or refurbishment 

    • Ecommerce functionality


    • Help you with acquiring a domain

    • Professional design and responsiveness

    • Mobile Friendly Versions

    • Custom Pages

    • Your best work displayed on brand at its most professional

    • Contact Page that send leads to your inbox

    • WIX based website designs have user friendly modes and tutorials should you want to make changes and manage your website in house


    Tegridy Tile Website Preview
    Just Fishin Website Preview
    Pat Dice Website Preview

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Content Design

Content Design

Unlock the potential of compelling multimedia with our highly trained, experienced, and versatile capabilities of specializing in audio, video, graphic, and motion graphic design.

Mirror Marketing excels in batch editing, content management systems, and content calendar systemization, ensuring brand consistency across networks and purposes.  From voiceovers and custom animation to drone videography and course creation, elevate your multimedia experience with our services.  Enjoy added success and opportunity as our educational and entertaining content leverages engaging design elements that set your brand apart in a crowded market. 

Most importantly, when you decide to pursue additional marketing services, we provide the data that helps measure effectiveness and improve and formalize your content into assets that continuously provide sales leads, improved marketing performance, and business growth opportunities.

Stay at the forefront of your industry and ensure your content is created and placed for optimal growth.

  • Technical Performance

    • Highly trained, educated, and experienced in graphic and motion graphic design and audio & video production

    • Understand and design content based on optimal specifications recommended by each platform

    • Very versatile video shooting and editing style 

    • Consistently staying on top of platform news and best techniques for optimal performance 

    • Resource legally protected properties and assets for production (music, graphics, SFX, etc)

    Add-ons & Upgrades

    • Voiceover Services

    • Custom Animation or Motion Graphics

    • Drone Videography

    • Podcast Production

    • Live Streaming

    • Audio Branding and Jingles

    • Short-form Video Content Packages

    • Video Transcription Services

    • Impact/KPI Measurement

    • Course Creation and repurposing content and assets


    • Produce purposeful educational and entertaining content for a specific audience and goal 

    • Visual elements enhance communication, helping to convey complex messages or information in a clear and engaging manner

    • Unique and professionally designed content sets your brand apart from competitors, helping you stand out in a crowded market.

    • Engaging design elements, such as compelling visuals and interactive features, encourage audience engagement and interaction.

    • Thoughtful design improves the overall user experience, making it easier for audiences to navigate and understand your content.

    • Strengths in batch editing, utilizing content management systems, and maintaining a content calendar

    • Multiple purposes, from website design to custom sales funnel pieces to social media

    • Added brand consistency in content across networks and purposes 

    • Work great with people who have never or seldom been on camera


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    ADC Website Preview
    Phelps Property Maintenance Website Preview
    Video Thumbnail for planting video
    Video Preview for ArmCare
    Sport Promo Video Thumbnail
    Explainer Video Video Thumbnail
    Tegridy Tile Mockups
    Pave it Forward Mockups
    Just Fishin Sub-Logos
    Photo of asphalt paving specialist
    Smiling people at a fancy event
    Woman in nature photo

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SEO / Keyword

SEO / Keyword

Maximize your online presence with our comprehensive digital optimization services, meticulously designed for site speed, mobile responsiveness, and Google search visibility. 

Our services include monthly analytics reporting, dynamic website updates through photo rotation and blogging, SEO audits, and expertly crafted website content. 

We leverage Google Analytics and SEMrush for deep insights into customer behavior, keyword focus, and search habits, ensuring your content aligns with your audience's needs.

Thrive in the digital landscape with our optimization strategies that drive better conversion rates and achieve specified goals. Experience the benefits of increased website visibility, higher rankings, enhanced user experience, and cost-effective long-term results with Mirror Marketing as your partner.

  • Technical Performance

    • Designed for Site Speed and Mobile responsiveness 

    • Use Google Analytics to understand customer behavior, preferred services, entry and exit points

    • Utilize top research programs like SEMrush to deliver reliable data that we can utilize in proposing keywords to focus on and understanding customer search habits

    • Google Search (formerly Google My Business): ensure sure Google business profile is up to date with informative information, the newest and best photos, your company branding, and review management

    • Local or industry-specific targeting

    Add-ons & Upgrades

    • Local or industry-specific targeting
      Increased website Visibility and customer time on page

    • Higher website rankings on Google and related platforms

    • Enhanced user experience 

    • Cost Effective over advertising in the long-term

    • Better conversion rates towards KPI and specified goals


    • Monthly analytics reporting of website visitors

    • Regular changes and updates through photo rotation, blogging, and website updates

    • SEO Audits and Consultations

    • Website content creation, update, or upgrade

    • Reputation Management Services (see reputation services for more)


    Data Example 1
    Data Example 2
    Data Example 3

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Social Media Mangement

Social Media Management

Elevate your online presence with our social media management services. We specialize in content creation, scheduling and automation, and detailed analytics breakdowns to ensure your brand is represented strategically. Observe the benefits of educational or entertaining content creation, professional branding, batch editing, and a reliable content calendar.


Optimize your online community with shareable resources, increased website traffic, and real-time customer feedback. We have effective processes and regularly deliver data insights to inform future decision-making. Benefit from our localized strategies, A/B testing, and trend analysis to stay ahead of the curve.  


Gain business in the dynamic social media landscape with our tailored solutions that drive engagement, visibility, and brand reinforcement.

  • Technical Performance

    • Representation through research, planning, and execution

    • Content scheduling and automation

    • Cross-platform integration

    • Analytics breakdowns

    Add-ons & Upgrades

    • Educational or entertaining content created with a specific goal

    • Enhanced brand presence and audience engagement

    • Professional branding and brand reinforcement

    • Batch editing and workflow management

    • Sharable content calendar 

    • Shareable brand files for employees to access

    • Community Building 

    • Increased website traffic and SEO benefits

    • Real-time Customer feedback and crisis management


    • Social listening and monitoring

    • Ad campaign management

    • Influencer marketing collaborations

    • Live event coverage

    • Social media contests and giveaways

    • Interactive content development

    • Employee advocacy programs

    • Localized and geo-targeted strategies

    • A/B testing for content optimization

    • Social media trend analysis and recommendations



    coming soon!

    Marble Surface

    coming soon!


    coming soon!

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Review Management

Customer Review Management

With Reputation Management (or Review Management), trust in online transactions is fortified, optimizing your online presence and positively impacting downstream opportunities. 

Experience benefits such as expertly crafted review responses, enhanced brand credibility, improved customer relationships, and positive first impressions, leading to higher conversion rates. 


Spanning beyond Google reviews to platforms like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Angi, TripAdvisor, Facebook Reviews, Neighborly, Amazon, and more, our technical expertise ensures proactive review management systems, including customer requests for reviews and regular reporting on potential areas for business growth.


Let us fortify your brand's image, turning satisfied customers into advocates and leveraging their positive feedback for sustained growth.

  • Technical Performance

    • Online review research and management

    • Responding and reporting to websites and apps that affect customer opinion

    • Customer reviews and recommendation systems design

    • Optimized Online Presence and a Positive Impact on SEO

    • Review management site examples: Google Reviews, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Angi, TripAdvisor, Facebook Reviews, Neighborly, Amazon, and more

    Add-ons & Upgrades

    • Sentiment Analysis

    • Software/Breakdowns and Customer Feedback Analysis

    • Competitor Monitoring

    • Social Media Listening and Review

    • Monitoring Tool Integration

    • Geo-Location Monitoring

    • In-Depth Analytics and Reporting

    • Competitive Benchmarking

    • SEO Integration for Reputation Enhancement


    • Customized, Timely Review Responses

    • Enhanced Brand Credibility and Increased Customer Trust

    • Improved Customer Relationships

    • Positive First Impressions and Higher conversion rates

    • Trust in Online Transactions

    • Optimized Online Presence and a Positive

    • Impact on SEO

    • Increased Sales and Revenue through decision reinforcement

    • Attraction of talent in your field

    • Crisis management

    • Customers become a large, contributing part of your marketing plan



    coming soon!

    Marble Surface

    coming soon!


    coming soon!

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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Rapidly boost your brand exposure and test marketing strategies with our advanced digital advertising solutions. We specialize in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube Ads and are up to the challenge of new and exciting digital advertising platforms. We navigate these platforms with in-depth experience to maximize your return on investment. We simplify the complexities of advertising programs and data overload, helping you allocate funds strategically for optimal results.


Our services include targeted advertising with conversion tracking, data analytics and insights, geo-targeting, and location-based advertising. Enjoy the benefits of digital advertising, such as ad scheduling, instant exposure to target clientele, and measurable, cost-effective results compared to traditional advertising. We offer flexibility and customization based on platform and company goals.


Explore our add-on options for elevated campaign success, including A/B testing packages, customized analytics reporting, video production packages, content integration, cross-channel advertising, cost analysis, and more. 

Accelerate your marketing impact and stay ahead in the digital landscape with our digital advertising solutions.

  • Technical Performance

    • Geo-Targeting and Location-Based Advertising

    • Analytics and KPI reporting and conversion tracking

    • Budget and goal-based focus

    • Example digital advertising platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads

    Add-ons & Upgrades

    • A/B testing packages

    • Customized analytics reporting and real-time campaign monitoring

    • Customized Reporting Dashboards
      Video production and content integration

    • Cross-channel advertising strategy and cost analyzation

    • Website and landing page creation and integration

    • Creative Design Services and Video ad production

    • Custom Landing page development
      Extended Campaign Duration Packages

    • Customized Education and Training


    • Instant Exposure to a targeted market

    • Ad scheduling

    • Platform variety from Google Ads to social media advertising

    • Measurable Results

    • Cost-effective and Data rich compared to traditional advertising

    • Flexibility and Customization based on platform and company needs

    • Enhanced Targeting with data and improved success rates through A/B testing

    • Mobile Accessibility, location, and time optimization

    Specializing in

    Google Ads Logo
    instagram Ads Logo
    Facebook Ads Logo
    YouTube Ads Logo

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Promote seamless communication with your audience and gain valuable insights with our email newsletter solutions. Link essential assets for your customers and tap into the wealth of data that reveals what content and promotions resonate most effectively.

Mirror Marketing will regularly and creatively engage with your customers, potential clients, and loyal fans, ensuring your brand remains top of mind and delivers ongoing value. Our services inject life into various aspects of your business, from driving website traffic and social media visitors to boosting sales and gathering reviews. 


Leverage our expertise in promotion awareness, maintenance ideas, and creating entertaining or educational material that solidifies your company as the go-to solution for specific problems. 

Stay connected and stand out in your industry with our comprehensive newsletter and email marketing communication solutions.

  • Technical Performance

    • Link to important assets for your customers and gain valuable insight from people already willing to communicate with your brand

    • Gather data the indicate effective marketing methods with your customers 



    coming soon!

    Marble Surface

    coming soon!


    coming soon!


    • Regularly and creatively communicate with your customers, potential customers, and loyal fans to keep your brand on top of mind and bring value to your readers

    • Offer the ability to inject life into other aspects of your business including website traffic, social media visitors, sales or review 

    • Create promotion awareness, maintenance ideas, and other entertaining or educational material that can solidify your company as the company of choice when thinking about and solving a specific problem 

    Have a question? Ask us!

Video Production

Video Production

Video production for specific marketing purposes sets us apart, offering top-notch video production and editing for marketing, advertising, internal communication, and web-based content. Our ability to produce highly stylized and professional pieces is complemented by our proficiency in programs like Davinci Resolve, After Effects, Affinity Designer, Lightroom, and more.


Video has unparalleled effectiveness as a marketing tool, conveying emotions more powerfully than any other content style. Our video solutions effectively fill sales, training, and communication systems gaps, enhancing proposals and presentations. With experienced video producers, we ensure comfort in front of the camera, provide answers to commonly asked questions, and leverage the footage for countless advertising and marketing opportunities.


Explore our integrated video production and editing options for local and retainer-based clients. We offer multiple shooting options and aptitudes, including drone work for outdoor or large-scale projects, broadcast or livestream asset creation and support, seamless integration with social media, newsletters, blogs, and other channels, as well as course creation for extended impact. 


Elevate your visual communication with our comprehensive video production solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Technical Performance

    • Single video projects for specific marketing purposes and retainer-based production 

    • Marketing, advertising, internal or web-based video production and editing

    • Ability to produce highly stylized and professional pieces

    • Able to comprehend complex ideas and process and turn them into polished pieces

    • Utilize programs like Davinici Resolve, After Effects, Affinity Designer, Lightroom, and many more 

    Add-ons & Upgrades

    • Mirror Marketing can integrate regular video production and editing  into plans for local and retainer-based clients 

    • Drone experience and availability for outdoor or large-scale project 

    • Broadcast or livestream asset creation and support

    • Integration with Social media, newsletter, blog, and other channels

    • Course Creation


    • Video is the most effective marketing tool for gaining and keeping attention, and it conveys emotions more powerfully than any other content style

    • Effectively fills gaps in sales, training, and communication systems 

    • Enhances Proposals and Presentations

    • Experience video producers make you feel comfortable in front of the camera

    • Video answer commonly asked questions in an effective, repeatable way

    • YouTube advertising and marketing



    coming soon!

    Marble Surface

    coming soon!


    coming soon!

    Have a question? Ask us!


Digital Marketing Packages

We produce digital assets and marketing systems that create value and measure success toward your online, marketing, and business goals. Our long-term partnership goals are based on growing and maintaining valuable digital assets while utilizing creation cycles to remain in communication with your ideal client. We believe that professional branding with continuous improvement using relevant data will lead to financial growth, more significant market share, and the attainment of business goals.

Our strength, and perhaps your digital marketing success, will most likely involve a custom combination of the services below. Let us know how we can help!

Example Digital Marketing Packages and Tasks

Example Digital Marketing packages

Full Digital Strategy
Planning & Execution

At Mirror Marketing, we guide enterprises through comprehensive digital strategies that involve optimizing websites, establishing a solid social media presence, and facilitating data-driven decision-making. Our approach involves implementing data-driven marketing solutions by combining digital content production, market research, and meticulous data management for unparalleled effectiveness.

Potential Goal: Improved online visibility and a 25% increase in website traffic within three months

Company-Wide Brand Optimization

The Company-Wide Brand Optimization Package is a specialized solution meticulously crafted to elevate and maintain brand consistency across all digital channels, including Google, websites, emails, social media, and more. This comprehensive offering prioritizes professional branding while meeting each platform's optimization specifications and design requirements. This unifies company messaging and fosters trust in your brand.

Potential Goal: Create and utilize matching brand assets across all digital platforms and create an organized, brand asset folder for future use by the company 

Digital Asset Creation & Growth Management

Our comprehensive Digital Asset Creation & Growth Management Package encompasses expert content creation, seamless multi-channel distribution, and meticulous digital marketing oversight for your products and services. From concept to execution, this all-inclusive solution ensures that your digital asset resonates across proper channels, strategically promoting your new creation that needs customers' eyes for sustained growth and return on investment.

Potential Goal: Produce an online course. Research and develop a multichannel digital marketing and advertising strategy for sustained growth for a budgeted amount.

Integrated Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Introducing our Integrated Digital Advertising Package, where our team researches, recommends, and executes content production for selected digital advertising placements, with popular choices including Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and more. Elevate your viewership with our comprehensive social media advertising campaigns for various networks, blending market analysis, creative content production, and strategically targeted ad placements for maximum impact and audience engagement.

Potential Goal: Increase website visits by 30% and provide a 15% return on investment through a combination marketing and advertising budget.

Website Build &
Reputation Management

A Website Build & Reputation Management Package is designed to elevate your online presence and fortify your brand image. Our team will craft a visually stunning and user-friendly website tailored to your business needs, ensuring a seamless online experience for your audience. Simultaneously, our Reputation Management services will safeguard and enhance your brand's online image, managing reviews, optimizing online profiles, and fostering positive customer sentiment. This powerful combination establishes a solid digital foundation and safeguards and promotes a positive brand perception, setting you on the path to sustained online success.

Potential Goal: Create an effective, professional, reliable website. Also, claim our business on all relevant review websites to provide review responses, represent our company, and suggest improvement points for our business.

Have a question? Ask away!

Introductory Services

Introductory Services

A marketing package can be a large financial commitment. If you are wanting to begin working together while testing our methods and style, we highly encourage it! If you don't know where to start, that's ok. We'll be happy to talk you through our process so you can make an informed decision about where to start and what goals are. 

Here are some introductory projects clients have chosen in the past:

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