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Tell your overall story. Control the flow of your business.

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Many benefits are never mentioned when researching companies to design your website. Most marketing companies look to improve your ability to be found on the internet, which is a good thing.

However, the opportunity to improve your business’s brand image and tell your story is missed when a marketing company fails to understand what your business does. How can you expect to meet your ideal client if the people designing your home on the internet do not understand what you do, who your customer is, and what your goals are? This lack of understanding keeps contracting companies from taking the next steps in customer acquisition.

Let’s break down the advantages and opportunities in having a website.

Advantages of a website:

1. You have a home on the internet

This is the start and end of your online presence from the first impression through the contact form. You control the information, look, and feel of your visitors' experience. It is a first impression and a way to contact you.

2. You control the information

3. You establish a story, look, and feel of your visitors' experience.

Opportunities of a website:

  1. Get exposure for your company by being searchable

  2. Association of your brand as a professional, driven-to-please experience

  3. Understanding your customer acquisition

Bonus: Makes the process of gathering customer information easier for your team

The Advantages and Opportunities are very different. One is a checkbox that is to be completed. The other is a series of experiments to find, meet, and best serve your customer. It is part of your business process.

Designing several websites in contractor spaces has taught me a few things about how we can help businesses function, improve their incoming leads process, and refresh their brand. Contracting also offers a variety of job types and projects for each client we work with. Each project our contractors take on is a unique opportunity to tell their story. We conduct additional research for you and tell your story how you want it told with all the benefits of a great website and a professional relationship.

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