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Phil Metzger

Fort Collins, CO  

Video Producer / Video Editor / Marketer

Creative professional who is passionate about visual content to help small to mid-size businesses, educators, and creative influencers succeed by presenting their story in an authentic, professional, and polished way. Highly skilled in digital marketing, content production and management,  and video, audio, and podcast editing.

A Note from Phil:

Working with skilled or knowledgeable people to create something greater than before is my purpose in life. I thoroughly enjoy discussing what people do for a living and how it is beneficial to others or to a better life.  I suppose the general sentiment is that I love the American Dream, but learning how things are created is the passion that drives me with every project. I love learning from genuine people and producing content for a purpose.

My creativity spawns in my mind's-eye in audio and visual terms. I chose to learn how to produce high-quality video and audio for professional pursuits. Long ago, I realized that, where many videographers want to create movies and work with actors, I found the fascinating stories to be in the business operations, tactics, and choices people make to support themselves and provide others with jobs. There is a story within every industry and within any person who chooses to pursue a goal with passion. I like telling those stories and getting the right people to notice.

Though I began and trained in creating audio and video, it has been my mission for the past five years to find the data that supports the effectiveness of the content I create. Since 2017, I have represented brands and individuals in their marketing efforts. I am a voracious learner and would now put my marketing skills equal to my content creation skills. I enjoy the process from ideal observer to adopter to raving fan.

I would enjoy speaking about how my skills could help you reach your goals!

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Guest Speaker Decks

Colorado State University

Presented on digital marketing to Master of Tourism students

National Pavement Expo

Instructed class on digital marketing at yearly industry conference




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